“PSG has been our go–to framer for nearly 20 years. As with any successful operation it’s always about the people. Jenny, David and the rest of the staff at PSG are professional and a pleasure. The high quality of the workmanship along with reasonable pricing and great service are an unbeatable combination. ”

— Donald Traver, Director of Operations, Pace Editions, Inc.



“We have used PSG for over 30 years and have continually felt that the quality, service and price have been top notch. From quick turn-around, to custom details to fantastic customer service, one could not ask for better work than that of PSG.”

— Andrew Witkin, Director, Barbara Krakow Gallery , Boston, MA



“For over five years, we’ve turned to PSG for all our framing needs. In addition to their unerring eye for design, Jenny Watkins and David Marks offer great service and great value to us and our customers.”

— Betsy Senior, Senior + Shopmaker, New York, NY



“Each time I place an order with PSG I am confident it will be managed in a fast, professional manner. PSG has consistently provided beautiful frames. They are detail oriented with an in-depth knowledge of construction technique and superb archival craftsmanship. Furthermore, their customer service is unparalleled - an all around pleasure to work with.”

— Cindy Sherman, Artist,  New York, NY


“With great satisfaction, Sperone Westwater has worked with PSG Framing for more than a dozen years. PSG’s service is unique in its ability to turn around large quantities of high-end frames, typically in two weeks. Without hesitation, I can say that PSG’s craftsmanship, design advice, conservation standards, and general customer service are all outstanding. When asked to make an unusual frame in either wood or metal, their service has been notably sensitive with careful attention to detail. Most importantly, in the rare instance that a frame was not perfect, PSG has gone the extra mile to resolve the issue quickly and completely. PSG’s success is a testimony to their product. Their service is a great resource to the gallery community.”

—Walter Biggs, Gallery Manager, Sperone Westwater, New York, NY


"PSG Framing are my go-to, number one, framer of choice. They are professional, sensitive, dependable, affordable, and nice. They have never missed a deadline. More than once I have suggested a framing notion, and I have received the most polite response: Yes, but don't you think it might look better this way instead? And they are always right. I have recommended PSG to many purchasers of my work all of whom feel the same way as I do. A+ and 100% satisfied recommendation"

—Robert Kushner, Artist, New York, NY


“PSG is a dream to work with. No matter how big or small the project, Jenny and David handle our works with great care and attention to every detail. They are savvy, reliable, and fast, while providing us with exceptional quality at attractive prices.”

— Shelley Farmer, Director, Hirschl & Adler Modern, New York,




"PSG Framing has helped present all two dimensional art beautifully. Jenny and David have set and maintained exceptionally high standards for quality, professionalism, service, and personal engagement."

— BH Pucker, Pucker Gallery, Boston, MA  


“Having worked with PSG for over 20 years, I can unequivocally attest that they offer the finest quality frames, professionalism and timely service. As art consultants, we have worked with many framers worldwide but are most impressed with PSG’s attention to design, archival details, speed of execution and affordability. Whether small or exceptionally large, every project receives the personal attention of Jennifer Watkins and David Marks and, like us, our clients are impressed by their high standards which are hallmarks of any great framer.”

— Christine Miers, Christine Miers Inc., New York, NY      



“I first met Jenny and began working with PSG in 1987. Over the years we have completed countless projects encompassing every imaginable type of artwork, budget and design. In each case, whether my client was an individual hoping to make a cherished piece look good over the fireplace, or a large corporate client looking to frame 100+ pieces by yesterday, PSG’s high regard for personable service, attention to detail and quality of work has never wavered.”

— Glenn Macura, Curator/Advisor, g a macura inc. & GE Art Program


“PSG Framing has consistently supplied me with the most beautiful frames that are always perfectly constructed and archivally correct. They are dependable, fast and pleasant - what more could you want?”

— Diane Villani, Diane Villani Editions, New York, NY