Black over Red 'Dutch' finish on a 1" STEP frame, 8 Ply overmat with Museum Plexi (TVMO)

Modern White Gold face with Red Clay on 3/4" x 2" White Maple frame with Soft White Rub sides, floated in 8 Ply 'island' mat with matching recess and Museum Plexi (TVMO)

Modern White Gold on 1" x 1 3/4" Maple floater with Satin Black sides and interior

Six-sided White Ash frame with White Rub finish, 3/4" face x 1 5/8" tall, floated with matching spacers/recess and UV Plexi

1/2" x 2" Black Welded Aluminum outer frame, 3/8" x 1" 'Antique White' Lacquer interior frame, floated with deep recess and UV Plexi

Two-Sided Standing frame with removable feet: 3/4" face x 3/4" side Maple with Soft White Satin Lacquer, matching 8 Ply mats, UV Plexi

Soft White Rub on Maple, 3/4" face x 2 1/2" tall, matching Maple recess, sewn onto Offwhite linen, UV Plexi

Modern White Gold face with Red Rub, 5/8" face x 2" tall, Maple with Heavy White Rub sides, White Silk float and recess, Museum Plexi (TVMO), velvet wrapped easel back

UV Acrylic Wallcase with 1 1/4" beveled riser, Farrow & Ball 'All White' finish and acrylic plate stand