The Quiet Exuberance of Winter

If you live in the Boston area, lucky you, you can visit Pucker Gallery and be blown away by the thoughtfully curated collection of photography, pottery, sculpture, paintings and prints brought together from around the world and through generations. 

If you can't drop in, Brian Bolster has created a superb film on Alexandra de Steiguer, an artist whose work Pucker Gallery exhibits and who lives alone each Winter on the Isles of Shoals. The short film is entitled Winter’s Watch.

We would recommend it to you!…/index/549518/winters-watch/
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Old Friends.

Longterm relationships in our world are the great rewards and inherently flattering. We couldn't be more proud of this one. We worked with Cindy to design Matte Black 'Tray' frames for this series. 

Don't miss it:…/2016-05-05_cindy-she…/

Cindy Sherman Takes On Aging (Her Own)

The artist’s new photographs are more explicitly autobiographical than ever. But a move toward film may be next.    Read the NY Times article here