Once Upon a Contest: Selections from Cape Ann Reads

Who here loves artwork made for kids? We do! Cape Ann Museum is hosting an opening celebration of award winning children’s book authors and illustrators on January 5th from 3 to 5 P.M. If you are around this weekend with time on your hands, think about swinging by. We are excited to have played a part in celebrating this work, and hope the show is well attended by kids of all ages.

Check out the website with more event details here!

PSG Frames Appear in Multiple Booths at IFPDA Print Fair

Krakow Witkin Gallery’s beautiful booth at the IFPDA Print Fair will include some of PSG’s frames.

Krakow Witkin Gallery’s beautiful booth at the IFPDA Print Fair will include some of PSG’s frames.

Many of PSG’s clients are participating in the IFPDA Print Fair this weekend! Their booths will include many wonderful pieces we had the honor to frame here at PSG Framing (see photo above). Jenny and David will be attending the fair to catch up with clients and to check out the plethora of work. Hope to see you there!


High End PSG Hardwood and

Gold Leaf Frames For Cheap! 

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Also score Vintage Oak Doors, Furniture, Retro Memorabilia, Office Equipment, and more!

October 20, 2018


130 Broadway (Rear) Somerville, MA 02145

No parking is available in the lot. 

The entrance to the lot is off of Glen Street. 

Spheres Of Influence: Al Held, Michael Craig-Martin, Judy Pfaff, And Stanley Whitney

Al Held’s  Midnight Symphony  (1996),  http://www.seniorandshopmaker.com/current-exhibition/

Al Held’s Midnight Symphony (1996), http://www.seniorandshopmaker.com/current-exhibition/

Senior & Shopmaker is pleased to present Spheres of Influence: Al Held, Michael Craig-Martin, Judy Pfaff, and Stanley Whitney, a group exhibition of drawings by preeminent abstract painter and former Yale professor, Al Held (1928-2005), along with three illustrious former students from the Yale School of Art graduate program in the 1960s and 70s. Michael Craig-Martin (MFA 1966); Judy Pfaff  (MFA 1973); and Stanley Whitney (MFA 1972) have each acknowledged the impact Held had on the development of their critical thinking and practice during their student years and beyond. This exhibition brings together works on paper by each artist, suggesting overlapping spheres of influence rather than linear attributions. Within the works on view, which date from 1963 to 2018, common themes emerge: the depiction of volumetric space, underlying or overt geometry, and the use of color as a structural element.

We had the honor of framing some of Al Held's work (including Midnight Symphony, pictured above) for this exciting exhibition, which runs from September 13th to October 27th!

Check out the installation view below, as well as some other Al Held pieces we framed:

Lucas Samaras' "Photo Transformations" Exhibition Extended at Craig F. Starr Gallery

To see the installation views of Samaras' one-of-a-kind Polarioids in PSG frames, click  here .

To see the installation views of Samaras' one-of-a-kind Polarioids in PSG frames, click here.

Craig F. Starr Gallery is pleased to present Lucas Samaras: Photo-Transformations on view June 7 – August 10, 2018. Selected in conjunction with the artist, the exhibition features sixty-eight Polaroid photographs from Lucas Samaras’s widely celebrated Photo-Transformation series. Executed between 1973-76, these works have been described as “…the most uncanny, original representations of the self – especially the artist’s self, in all its glory and suffering (self-glorifying suffering?) – in art history.” [1]

Samaras was already known as a sculptor, painter, and performance artist when he began experimenting with photography. His first series of photographs, the AutoPolaroids (1969-71), were shot with a Polaroid 360 camera. Samaras said he was attracted to the Polaroid medium because it allowed him to be self-sufficient and gave him the freedom to be “my own critic, my own exciter, my own director, my own audience.”


We had the honor of framing Samaras' incredible work for this exhibition, which has been extended to OCTOBER 6th, so it's not too late to go enjoy it in person!



Luscious Jackson founding member Jill Cunniff will showcase a new dimension of her many talents with her first exhibition of original artwork, Lyric and Word Paintings. The free exhibition will run from Thursday, September 20th through Sunday, September 23rd at 198 Allen Street in New York City.

The opening night event will take place 7-10 pm on September 20th and will include a one night only acoustic set by Jill, performing songs spanning the Luscious Jackson catalogue, as well as from her 2007 solo album, City Beach.  No tickets are required for the event.

We at PSG Framing were very excited to frame and prepare her pieces for exhibition! Take a look at her website https://www.jillcunniffstudio.com/ for more info, and to see our work.

Also, find her on Instagram @jillcunniffstudio

Want to learn more about Jill, her history, and her work? Click here for an interview with the artist herself, and here for an article about her upcoming show!