“Jonathan Lasker” at Cheim & Read

From 15 THINGS TO DO in NYC Before January 12

Opening: “Jonathan Lasker” at Cheim & Read

An American abstract painter who has had more than 80 international solo shows since 1981, Jonathan Lasker is widely known for his formalist paintings and drawings that are both planned and improvised. Beginning with black and white drawings of biomorphic shapes and gestural marks on gridded, solid or patterned grounds, the artist makes color studies that become maquettes for his large-scale canvases. The layering of imagery creates a push-pull effect, where the shapes on the canvas seem to exist on different planes. Thickly painted forms interact with squiggly lines and flat surfaces to create a type of abstraction that knowingly flirts with Pop art.

Cheim & Read, 547 West 25 Street, New York, 6-8 p.m.